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GL1500 Front Fender Grommets

GL1500 Front Fender Grommets

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This is a package of front fender cover grommets. These grommets are made by Add-On and are duplicates of the original grommets that hold the front fender covers on. Honda's part number for these is 64266-MG9-770. While there are only two of these grommets on the front fender of each GL1500, this kit includes 10 of them. They are also used in other various locations on the bike. As the original grommets age and wear they become loose and do not hold the covers in place as well as they should. This is inexpensive insurance to avoid having your $200.00 fender cover blow off on the highway. These will fit all Goldwing GL1500's from 1988-2000.   GR-700

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