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Dual Bluetooth Temp Controller

Dual Bluetooth Temp Controller

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This is a dual bluetooth temp contoller. This controller is made by Gerbing and is designed to allow you to control two heated garments separately. You control them from your smart phone after downloading a free, easy to use app. This just plugs in between the battery harness and the heated garments. The Dual Bluetooth Controller is the ultimate in controller technology. Seamlessly connect and control your heated garments wirelessly through your smartphone. Free application download is available for both major phone platforms. Utilize the Thermistor in our current jacket and pant products to connect to the controller and enjoy the benefits of "set it and forget it" riding. Once you choose and set the temperate, the Controller does the rest, based on your internal jacket temperature read through the integrated Thermistor sensor. ACC-923

Item: GACC-923   Gerbing  

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