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Colored LED Stingerz Light Strips

Colored LED Stingerz Light Strips

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This is a Stingerz LED strip. Stingerz are made by Custom Dynamics and are completely flexible, waterproof, and extremely versatile LED strips. Stingerz are the first flexible LED accent light to come pre-taped with 3M double sided tape on all three sides. This allows the light to be mounted not only on the back surface but on either side surface providing an extremely flexible, versatile LED lighting solution. Stingerz will work on any 10-14VDC system. These strips have LED's spaced at 1cm and with a 120 degree viewing angle provide and brilliant, even light pattern. Each light strip comes with 36" leads wrapped in a black sheathing for simple quick installation. These are available in either 3 LED (1.2" long), 9 LED (3.5" long), 12 LED (4.7" long), 24 LED (9.4" long) or 30 LED (11.8" long) sizes. They measure 5/16" wide (side to side) X 1/2" deep (tip of LED to back). These are sold individually and are available in red, blue, green or white. Please make your selection when ordering.

NOTE: These have been discontinued. We will try to remove them from the website as we run out of each size.

Item:   P2040-0886  Custom Dynamics

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