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2018 Goldwing High Mount Sequential Brake Light (SCMG18HTL)
2018 Goldwing High Mount Sequential Brake Light

Item:   SCMG18HTL, SCMG21HTL   SoCalMotoGear    (in stock)


This is a high mount sequential LED brake light. This is made by SoCalMotoGear and is designed to integrate with the chrome trunk rack from Honda. In addition to normal running lights, this also includes high visibility features such as Dynamic Brake lights that flash rapidly when your brakes are applied and Dynamic Sequential turn signals. When the brakes are applied, the Ultra Bright Dynamic LEDs activate in a rapid fire sequence which instantly alerts drivers behind you, allowing them to respond quicker than they normally would. When the turn signals are activated, the Sequential LEDs have a dynamic swoosh effect which resembles that of modern vehicles and increases your visibility as well as allowing quicker reaction time from vehicles behind you. These lights will certainly add value and increase your visibility on the road! This plug and play kit will fit all 2018-2021 Goldwing Tour models with the trunk. This will NOT fit the standard Goldwing models without the trunk. Be sure to select the correct model for the year of your bike when ordering.  G18HTL, G21HTL


2018-2020 models require that you already have the Honda Trunk Rack 08L70-MKC-A00 AND that you also have the G184XP plug and play cable harness from SoCalMotoGear. Both of these items can be purchased separately on this website.  

2021 models require that you already have the Honda Trunk Rack 08L70-MKC-L00 AND that you also have the PAH60GW/PAH60GX or a compatible POWER DISTRIBUTION HUB that supports 2021 Gold Wing. Both of these items can be purchased separately on this website.

FEATURES: Added Safety and Visibility!

  • Running Lights
  • Dynamic Brake Lights (Modulates)
  • Sequential Turn signals
  • Adds superior visibility to the rear of your bike
  • Plug N Play

    LEDs not only draw less amperage (power) from your bike but, also have quick refresh rates so they are "instant on". This gives the driver behind you more time to react.

Operation Video

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