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2018 Goldwing Corded Headset Adaptor (JMCBLU-GL1833)
2018 Goldwing Corded Headset Adaptor

Item:   JMCBLU-GL1833    J&M  (in stock)


This custom made and totally new J&M BluHub® CORDED helmet headset adapter terminal, will link directly to the Wing’s main audio system by Bluetooth and provide ALL of the audio system functions that are standard on the new Wing, to one or two corded helmet headsets. CBLU-GL1833

WHILE at the same time providing a constant and continuous “private” driver/passenger intercom system with simple to operate volume control on the face of the BluHub component.

ALL standard handlebar levers/buttons and system functions from the new Wing, will control everything going to the corded helmet headsets, including stereo music from all sources, cell phone, navigation, Apple car-play and 40-CH CB radio functions.

Both driver and passenger can talk on the phone, thru the system at the same time they are talking to each other over the intercom, along with the CB radio.

If only one headset is plugged into the system, the intercom volume control can be rotated to minimum so that no voice talkback is heard if the bike is being ridden solo.

Supplied headset cable jacks are the standard 5-pin configuration that have been used on all Gold Wings from 1980-2017.

If both rider and/or passenger decide to use Bluetooth headsets instead of corded at any given time, they can link their Bluetooth headsets to the Wing’s system, instead of the BluHub and all systems will function normal, with NO interference from the BluHub.

This is an easy to install, totally plug-n-play CORDED helmet headset solution for the 2018-2020 Honda Gold Wing GL1833 that is 12v powered, turns on/off with the ignition and there are NO BATTERIES to charge.

Kit includes the plug-in integration module, headset connection cable/wiring harness and a complete installation/operation manual.

Installation Video

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